Hospitality…in the literal sense

So a friend of mine’s dad was a doctor at the Monroe, WA hospital and has since retired, but he finds musicians to play in the lobby to keep the staff and patients amused.

I convinced the hyper-talented Bill Keaton to join me on acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies.

It was a little odd to play in the corner across from the gift shop and reception area, but they set up a mic (seen in the foreground) to pipe us into the halls and rooms of the hospital.

It was a little hard to “read” the audience who were in their wards and probably under anesthesia, but it was strangely delightful to think about people laying in bed listening to  songs about rasta ninjas, lizard sitting and other weird topics typical of my compositions.

A few of the patient’s friends and family came to the lobby to see if we weren’t some teenager’s practical joke.  One poor chap had a serious lung injury but dug our music and sent his mom down to say hello. He is a hardcore Tom Waits fan.

A grandmother watched with her grand daughter bouncing on her knee.  A hospital administrator wore a Cheshire cat grin in the corner.  Some nurses wearing St. Patrick’s Day green paused to listen before getting called to their stations.

It was pretty cool and I hope we made a few people smile.

Big props to super fan Joe Douglas for taking this video.  You rawk Joe!


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