pushing out to sea

Many of you know that I was in a wonderful band, Nigel Mustafa, for some 15 years.  Bill, Jake and Anthony are forever my brothers but we had achieved pretty much everything we set out to do. Eventually family, work and other priorities made it hard to keep up our pace as a group.

So now I’m doing this solo thing (along with a couple of other projects) and at first it felt quite scary, not having my brothers by my side.

But I dove into guitar lessons, looping technology and writing to start something new and scale my sound (but not ambitions) back.

This new site is a tribute to my work with Nigel as well as a launching point for life as a solo artist (I actually started out that way… anyone have my record “No Big Whoop”?).

By the way, the person who got me to build this page and is my fantastic wife Wendy.  wendy-and-steveWithout her I’d be a smoldering pile of radioactive ants.

I really hope you check in, enjoy all of the work I post and stay in touch.

In the spirit of kicking this off, here is the most embarrassing photo of me I could find.




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