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Bill and Steve were born and bred on the banks of the mighty Pilchuck River in Snohomish County WA USA back before even VCR’s were a thing.

Rumor has it that it wasn’t swimmer’s itch in the river but rather arsenic which may explain how the lads ended up merging reggae with funk and disco… a heady mashup called Deep Woods Dub.

The lads have been collaborating for some two decades, first with a band called Clotheslined then a regional supergroup named The Nigel Mustafa Memorial Quartet.

These days, the Boyz enjoy a reggae centric vibe and thrill audiences with their locked in harmonies, confusing dancing skillz and acuity for making everybody leave with a smile on the face.

The podcast, Our PNW Music called the Boyz “a reggae version of Flight of the Conchords” and “one of the most entertaining bands in the PNW.”

Quite agree… and hope you do as well!

Here is an amazing write up of us in The Everett Herald!

Want us to play in your venue and have a sound engineer? Here is our stage plot:

ooh the plottery!

Need Photos of us Boyz?!?!

this one is quite pleasant, no?
and this one, wow!

And here is our Logo!

use the download link below to get it!

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